Flexy Un-Wallet Carbon Fiber

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Flexy Un-Wallet: Carbon Fiber

Flexy is all about carrying less stuff in your pockets. It s slightly bigger than a credit card, and super thin (.065″ or 1.65 mm).  It s ultralight at 13 grams (.46 ounces).

You can organize your stuff by putting credit cards, ID etc on one side, and paper money on the other, or mix and match as you see fit.

We wanted a money clip so thin that it would be almost unnoticeable in your pocket.  We wanted it to separate cash and credit cards, so you don t have to fumble around at the register.  Finally, we wanted it to open beer

Flexy does all that, and looks good doing it.  The patent-pending geometry allows Flexy to hold up to 8 credit cards or 40 paper bills.

And did we mention it opens beer?