EDC Universal Pocket Clip

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EDC Universal Pocket Clip

Silver stainless steel universal pocket clip.
Clip may be installed in either bezel up or bezel down orientation.
Clip is compatible with EDC Clicky, EDC Rotary and EDC Tactical models.
Choose Silver or Black Finish

Installation Instructions:

The universal pocket clip will fit all models of our flashlights. The universal pocket clip can be installed on the switch cap to allow bezel down carry of your flashlight. The universal pocket clip can also be installed on the head to allow bezel up carry of your flashlight. With the bezel up orientation, the flashlight may be clipped to a hat for hands free use.

Your universal pocket clip comes with a #0 Phillips screw driver, which is needed for installation.

Follow these steps to install your universal packet clip:

  • Loosen all three screws. The two outer screws only need to be loosened half a turn. The center screw should be loosened so the head of the screw is at the same height as the two outer screws.
  • Slide the ring over the flashlight. For bezel down orientation, the ring will be over the switch cap and the lanyard loop on the clip should be flush with the end of the switch cap. For bezel up orientation, the ring will be over the head.
  • Hold the clip in position and tighen the two outer screws.
  • Continuing to hold the clip in position, tighten the center screw.

The installation is now complete. You reverse the procedure to remove the universal pocket clip.