Exotac MatchCap XL

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MatchCap XL


We put evolution on the fast track when we decided to perfect the MATCHCAP. The MATCHCAP XL is the culmination of countless trips into the woods and a few fire-related mishaps. We doubled the capacity and increased the striking surface by 250%. This thing is serious!


The MATCHCAP XL isn t limited to just matches. Using a Stormproof (2.9 long) match, the new design leaves 0.3 to spare for tinder storage. If using kitchen matches, nearly half of the MATCHCAP XL is available for storage. Use the extra space to store water purification tablets, tinder, medicine, fishing hooks, first aid kit, etc.


For maximum match capacity, place a majority of the matches head up with a few head down.


MatchCap XL is proudly made in the USA

Same reliable design as the MATCHCAP original
Larger, improved striking surfaces
Straight-walled inside diameter for easy access
Scalloped body allows easy match removal
Larger diameter and height for increased capacity
Fits matches more than 2.9" in length


Extra O-rings
Extra match strikers
User manual
MatchCap XL Diameter: 1.20"       Match Capacity:
Length: 3.60"                                  Kitchen Matches: 40
Weight: 1.25oz                                Stormproof Matches: 25
Strikes:: 25-50 per pad                    NATO Matches: 32