Ti Sliver Gripper

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Ti Sliver Gripper Tweezer
Uncle Bill's Tweezers have gone Titanium!
Made to the same high standards of the original SS sliver gripper tweezers with the added benefits of Titanium!
*Exceptional strength, toughness, and durability.
*Low density.
*Ability to withstand extremes of both high and low temperatures.
*Extremely corrosion resistant.
*Considered to be the most biologically compatible and environmentally friendly of all metals.
Both the Tweezers and the Clip-holder are made of Grade 1 Titanium!
The Sliver Grippers are the Tweezers many have called a "necessity"!
Simple design keeps a perfect alignment.
Precision-Ground points that provide pin-point gripping.
Easier, more precise handling and control.
Complete with convenient holder.
Countless Uses: home, garden, kitchen, bath, shop, auto, first-aid bag, boat, bugout bag, camping, hiking, sewing, purse, keychain...
Removes stitches, slivers, splinters, and other medical needs.
Pick-up, hold small parts, pieces...
One set is not enough!
Everyone should have a few!
You will wonder how you made it without a set.
Makes a great gift.
Made in USA
Weight-Tweezer and Clip .134oz (3.8gr)
Dimesions: 2'' x 0.5''
Packaged Weight .4oz