Titanium Slotted Dice Set-Blasted

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Titanium makes everything better, plain and simple!

The large Sci-Die titanium dice set, is a premium product and the latest addition to your EDC kit.

Larger than your average dice, each one is CNC milled from thick Grade 5 titanium billet, holding tight tolerances for a precision product.

The edges feature a clean chamfer while the usual pips have been replaced with slots, giving the dice a futuristic look.

A beautiful and durable stonewash finish rounds out the overall aesthetic of the Cuboid die.

The Cuboid dice is sure to win plenty of pocket time and fit in with your other titanium tools/toys!

-Set of 2 titanium dice
-Measure 19mm x 19mm (3/4" x 3/4")
-Each dice weighs 1 ounce
-Precisioned Machined in China
-Designed by Flytanium in the USA