Atom AA

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Foursevens Atom AA

Designed as the ultimate EDC (every day carry), the Atom AA features a simple two-mode interface, extended runtimes, and a neodymium magnet embedded in the tail for quick attachment to any ferrous surface.

The ultra-thin and durable bead-blasted stainless steel casing is barely bigger than the battery it contains.

Sleek and fashionable, the Atom is the most practical FOURSEVENS flashlight. Every keychain should have an Atom.

This light was designed for use with the 360° Headlamp Kit sold separately.

Dimensions Length: 2.56 inches / Diameter: 0.71 inches / Weight: 1.24 oz
LED Emitter CREE XP-G2
Voltage range 1.0V-4.2V
Brightness Levels Low: 1.5 lumens, 45 hrs / High: 70 lumens, 3 hrs
Body Material Stainless Steel
Bezel Material Stainless Steel
Lens Material Plastic optic lens
Included Accessories

Split-ring, AA battery

  Operating your Atom is simple.

Insert battery with the positive side (+) toward the head.

Turn on the Atom by tightening the head.

The Atom will initially turn on at low mode; continue turning the head and it will switch to high mode.

Once in high mode do not continue to tighten the head or you may damage the Atom. Turn off the Atom by simply loosening the head until it turns off.