Copper Gift Egg

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Copper Gift Egg

"The Egg" will be treasured for many years to come. It is precision machined from solid bar stock then painstakingly hand polished to a mirror finish. Copper is the 7th anniversary metal, so it would be a great gift for that anniversary year.

These eggs are nice "touchstones" or "worrystones". They become warm when held and are comforting to the touch. The Copper Egg develops a beautiful patina over time. It can also be easily polished to maintain that "Showroom" finish, if so desired.

They would also make a great birthday or groomsman gift, or any special someone that deserves such a unique piece.

Also includes a copper display base that is finished to the same detail as the egg itself.

Approx 1.5inch x 2inch 

Weight 11.8oz