EDC 18650 Battery Tube w Flush Button

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Clicky-style battery compartment for holding a single 18650 (18680) INR, IMR, or ICR rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This battery compartment will accommodate battery diameters up to 18.5mm - some batteries marketed as 18650 will not fit.

*DO NOT use 2x123 batteries in this battery compartment - it will damage your flashlight.*

Runtimes- Provides a typical 5:45 of tactical runtime on the High setting using a high capacity battery. The total flashlight length with this battery compartment is 126mm (5.0"). The button is mostly flush with the end of the switch cap to protect it from accidental activation. The switch cap unscrews and is easily exchanged. The switch is gold plated and sealed against contaminants. Acme threads.

Compatible with EDC Bicycle, EDC Executive, EDC LE and 18650 batteries and chargers