EDC Decorative Pocket Clip

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EDC Decorative Pocket Clip

Silver or Black decorative stainless steel pocket clip for bezel-down carry.
The  Black clip has a military black AlTiN (aluminum titanium nitride) finish.
Installs under EDC Clicky battery compartment switch cap.
Not compatible with rotary control flashlights.

Install Instructions:

The Clicky-style pocket clip for the EDC executive and EDC LE flashlights installs between the battery tube and the switch cap in a groove between the two items.

Follow these steps to install your Clicky-style packet clip:

  • Unscrew the switch cap and set the switch cap aside.
  • If the external o-ring was installed, remove it and set it aside. The external o-ring was visible prior to removing the switch cap and is visibly narrower than the internal O-ring. The external o-ring is not used when the Clicky-style pocket clip is installed.
  • Remove the internal O-Ring and set it aside. The internal O-ring sits in a groove just past the threads. It is visibly fatter and slightly smaller in diameter than the optional external o-ring. Be careful not to damage this O-ring because it seals the switch cap.
  • Slide the pocket clip over the threads, past the groove and onto the narrow shelf just past the O-ring groove. You will need to hold the pocket clip in this position temporarily.
  • Replace the interior O-ring into its groove between the pocket clip and the threads.
  • Replace the switch cap. The switch cap can be tightened against the pocket clip to keep the pocket clip securely in one position.

The installation is now complete. You reverse the procedure to remove the Clicky-style pocket clip.

You may want to save the optional external o-ring if you later remove the pocket clip - to provide a nicer exterior appearance. However, the optional external o-ring is not necessary and may be thrown away.