Key Sergeant

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Key Sergeant
Easily manage your keys... Opening keyrings can be one of the most frustrating things to do.
With the Key Sergeant, access to your keys becomes simple and almost fun!
You can easily put keys on your keyring, and take keys off of your keyring... and those difficult oversized keys have never been easier to manage!
Now, like never before, you can quickly and easily access your keys in the freedom from their ring that YOU DESERVE.
Take the keys on and off your keyring easily!
For all the reasons you have to take one or more specific keys from your keyring, now you can do it more easily:
Easy key access for Car Service Quick key access for Valet Service Easily add/remove keys for Key Copying Quick and simple to lend a key to a neighbor, or to a friend
Add a new key to your keyring faster.
Or just show your friends and family the new command you have over keys, and keyrings, with the Key Sergeant. T
he Key Sergeant may just change your life!
 The Key Sergeant also has additional advantages: Save your fingernails when you are accessing your keys- Easily open soda and pop cans Scratch lottery tickets -Use as a pry tool or screwdriver ...and many other uses that you may think up yourself!