Titanium Straw

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Titanium Drinking Straw
Made of pure CP Titanium! Certified food-safe. Same metal as is used in medical and dental implants.
Will never rust or corrode like aluminum or some stainless steels. Higher strength to weight ratio than steel.
Cut down on refuse and say "NO" to disposable plastic straws.  This enviromentally friendly Titanium straw could be the last straw you ever need!
Adds a new experience to your cold drinks.
*The 7inch straw is perfect for kid size glasses, juice boxes, or small cocktail and wine glasses.
It has 7 inch length with a 45 degree bend with 5 inch of straight below the bend.
.250 OD
.200 OD
*The 8inch straw is perfect for medium sized glasses and soda cans.
It has a 45degree bend with approx 6inches of straight below the bend.
.250 OD
..200 ID
*The extra long 10inch straw is great for common 8inch tall glasses and most 
super-sized drinks.
It has a 45degree bend with approx. 8inch straight below the bend.
.250 OD
.200 ID
*wash before first use. Dishwasher safe.
*scratchpads or abrasives not recommended as they will scratch the surface.
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Thank You, Chris!