Vargo Triad XE

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Vargo Titanium Triad XE

Amazing two piece Alcohol cook stove folds flat for storage

The Vargo Titanium Triad XE is a dual-fuel (alcohol / fuel tab) stove. The XE was designed for weight-conscious backpackers that recognize the advantages and disadvantages of burning denatured alcohol.  Specifically, denatured alcohol does not burn as well in high altitude (generally over 11,000 feet) or very cold temperatures (below 20 degrees F). In these situations burning fuel tabs is recommended.

Characteristics of burning alcohol in the XE include intense heat during the priming stage and moderate heat once primed.          Once primed the stove is very fuel efficient, using very little alcohol.          In general, the XE can be used effectively in any condition, making it a stove that we believe sets a higher standard in ultralight hiking